With more than ten years experience in software development, technical support and documentation, I know the importance of clear, user-friendly material, presented in the most appropriate way for the audience.

I'm not just aware of it, I'm passionate about it.

About Me


Having graduated with a respectable-though-not-entirely-useful degree in media production, I decided that those media types weren't for me and somehow found myself in the brave new world of IT - specifically in software support and testing.

Here, I learned many valuable lessons, including how software users need clear, concise, jargon-free instructions or they can get very (very!) cross, how not to be afraid of getting 'behind the scenes' in an application to discover how things work, and how to effectively communicate my own understanding to others.

Given my enthusiasm for writing, technical writing was a logical progression and I have spent the last ten years as a writer for large companies. It has been ten years learning and refining the craft - writing techniques, tools of the trade, development processes, working with different groups of people, and project management.

Now, with so many exciting opportunities for organisations on the Web, technical writing is moving into new arenas. Yes, user guides and help systems are still key for most software houses, but now all kinds of organisations are realising the need for professional, written communication too - for example,  web copy, newsletters, press releases, wikis and blogs...

And that's where I can help. Whether your organisation is large or small, software focused or otherwise... let me help with the words.


My Expertise


I make it my business to keep up to date with trends and technologies in technical writing, and indeed with more general business writing. This ensures that my content is modern, fresh and (where required) fully compliant with the latest operating systems and browsers.

You can leave the mechanics of the writing process to me. I am licensed for a  range of authoring tools, including Microsoft Word, RoboHelp, Dreamweaver and Adobe InDesign. However, if you prefer to have documentation produced using your own authoring tools, that’s fine too.

My Commitment


Based in the heart of Hampshire, I work with organisations throughout the UKMy aim is to build ongoing relationships with customers, not to jump from one project to another with little or no thought for what I’m leaving behind. 

It's in my best interest to produce the best possible documentation that I can, so customers will come back next time they need an update or start a new project. Working this way means that any time I spend learning about your company and its products at the outset becomes an investment rather than an overhead.

With Author Ink, you really do have the best of both worlds - the same level of commitment that you would expect from a full time employee, and the flexibility of a freelancer.

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