With more than ten years experience in software development, technical support and documentation, I know the importance of clear, user-friendly material, presented in the most appropriate way for the audience.

I'm not just aware of it, I'm passionate about it.

Business Writing


The right words are an important asset for businesses today.

The fact is that people make assumptions based on information received from (or about) you. They form opinions on how professional a report or proposal looks and how well it is written, they will judge how much effort has gone into copy for your website, and they will disregard marketing material if it just doesn't ring true.

Even if you are promoting a product or service that is traditionally dry and difficult to understand, promotional material should always be clear, jargon-free and engaging. Achieving this isn't easy, especially if you're working with something day in, day out.

As a professional writer, I can bring a fresh perspective to content that represents your business. I will take the time to get to know your organisation, asking the same kind of questions that prospective customers are likely to be asking when browsing your website or reading information from (or about) you.

If you're considering a new website (or overhauling an existing one), planning a new campaign for your business, or perhaps you just want a professional to check an important report or tender before it goes out, I'm only too pleased to help.

Web Copy


The Internet is fast becoming the first place people look for goods and services. Your website is a window into your company.

Most companies have recognised that they need a presence on the web and many spend hundreds, if not thousands of pounds for a beautifully designed site, with very little thought for its written content. All too often, content for websites is a last minute rush, cobbled together by people who don't really want to do it, and who have better things to do with their time. This shows.

If a potential customer visits your website and finds it littered with spelling errors, over complicated sentences, or the same content that they saw when they visited six months previously, they will make negative assumptions about your company.

I can help you to ensure that content for your website is always fresh, vibrant and professional.


Communication & Marketing


An increasing number of companies are realising the value of a high quality, professional approach to internal communication, whether it's a report, a proposal, or developing corporate newsletters, intranets and blogs.

Equally, it is critical that marketing material (including brochures, case studies and press releases) stays fresh, lively and up to date.

Internal communication and external marketing can be very labour intensive when it comes to getting the words right; especially if you're not fortunate enough to have a dedicated Marketing department and words aren't really 'your thing'.

If you're looking for help or maybe just some inspiration for a corporate project, I can help.

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