With more than ten years experience in software development, technical support and documentation, I know the importance of clear, user-friendly material, presented in the most appropriate way for the audience.

I'm not just aware of it, I'm passionate about it.

Other Services


Having spent most of my career working in software development environments, I have acquired a range of skills which complement technical and business writing.


Whether you are looking for an additional testing resource, someone to provide training, or someone to help with a data driven project, I'm always pleased to help.


Software Testing


A good technical writer does more than just write.  In many cases, they are the first line of testing and, most importantly, they will approach your system in the same way as your own new customers.

With no preconceptions about (or experience with ) your software, I come to it with an open mind and the same curiosity as an enthusiastic new user. With considerable experience in a software testing environment, I am familiar with testing processes. If you have yet to decide whether documentation is required, but seek additional resources for testing your products, I am very pleased to help.

Software Training


If you prefer to bring skills in-house, I can provide training on many tools of the trade, which help staff to produce documentation or web content professionally and efficiently. For example:


Alternatively, I can provide training on your own applications, to your customers.


Data Driven Projects


Some projects require management or analysis of large amounts of information. For example, I can help with:

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