Happy new year!

Sunny London

The break over Christmas has been fantastic and definitely rejuvenating - but for the last few days I’ve had ants in my pants: writing lists (all colour-coded, of course); tidying the office (quite a feat after the madly busy end to 2014 - turns out there was actually a floor under all the debris!) and, of course, making the odd resolution along the way.

One of which is to do much better when it comes to my own writing, including this blog. It started so well and then tailed off when things got really busy - a common problem, I know. And actually, there was a lot to say: working with lovely people (some new, some longstanding clients); working in some lovely places (London, Stockholm and OF COURSE, Petersfield) and working with some interesting new authoring tools.

There will be more on all of that to come, I'm sure. For now - with a clear floor and freshly crafted lists - it's onward and upward into 2015...  

Stockholm flight


This article was updated on September 4, 2021